About Us


Providing engaging and unique quality educational intervention to the disadvantaged and marginalized children by way of robust infrastructure & promoting a mindful vocation curriculum for the holistic development of the children.


To extend the reach to include each and every deprived person in Ambaji & Soon extend beyond; leaving no one behind by involving volunteers, and anyone who is willing to contribute their time, expertise, and funding to eneble and empower the world to be a happier place.


We strongly believe in Divinity through Humanity! We believe the only way this world will achieve freedom from suffering, pain, hatred, and violence is to be good and do good. We offer several opportunities to each and everyone to contribute and bottle some goodness with each good deed and act. Soon your bottle would be full of lights giving you ultimate peace, satisfaction, and help achieve a higher purpose in life.

Why be a part of the SSSK Family?

In the race to achieve your own goals and accomplish all that is desired, have you ever felt like making a difference for someone else, bring a smile to another’s face, add more meaningful purpose to your life? Are you looking for that opportunity to give back to the community but don’t know where to begin? Want to make a change & create an impact?

Join us and be a part of a revolution that is yet to grow. Associate with the SSSK family and for a change put someone else’s needs before your own. Work/ volunteer with us to create a worthy qualitative healthy life for the underprivileged.

About Mrs. Usha Agarwal

An indomitable enthusiasm, vision in the eyes and focused communication, and above all, heartfelt sincerity to help all fellow human beings in every possible manner: is what ignites you when you sit face to face with Mrs. Usha Agarwal.

Her strong disciplined spiritual side compliments a very compassionate social outlook that supports her vision in life as a dedicated and determined educationist. She comfortably wears numerous hats that are equally interesting, inspiring, challenging and her efforts have achieved tangible results!

Highlights Spanning 13 Years:

  • ¬†Education & hostel facility to more than 55 plus children from tribal belts, who were begging in Gabbar area around Ambaji
  • Adoption and provision of education of 50 girls in Kanya Vidyalaya, Veerampur Village, Ambaji
  • Active participation in the growth & development of Global Mission International School
  • In-depth research and understanding in the Early Childhood Years which led to the foundation of Little Wings Holistic Child Care Centre (LWHCCC), promotingZ the OM to iPad philosophy with a base of 5 Elements curriculum
  • Learning, understanding and promoting Yoga & Meditation as she feels this is the only way to uplift the overall quality of life for the society
  • Advisor and contributing towards the expansion of Ekal Vidyalaya – working in the area of tribal education

The Evolution Continues.........

A sincere ongoing 13-year association with GMIS Foundation has been a learning curve for Usha. Her active participation at the planning & operational level and her own passion egged her into further research. She believes this period was most critical in her own personal growth & development, DEEPENING HER CALLING AS AN EDUCATIONIST. She took a determined step to bridge the gap in the society with education that can create a mature, responsible & thinking adult who adds value to the society.

According to Mrs. Usha Agarwal, this is just beginning a……nd this revolution is a tiny spark, waiting to grow into a bright flame touching & igniting the minds of many!

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